Jun 14

IT Hero Blog: Miss our Q2 webinar? Here’s the TL;DW!

Did you miss our quarterly webinar last week? Don’t worry, we’ve got the “too long; didn’t watch” (TL;DW), along with some helpful timestamps for all you busy SysAdmins out there. Daniel Lee of Microsoft kicked it off, talking about the new Windows Admin Center and DataON MUST Extension... read more →
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New TracSystem S2D-5000 Servers with Intel Purley Processors, Certified for Windows Server Software-Defined (WSSD)

In 2017, Intel launched their new Xeon Scalable processor family. The new “Purley” platform has been hailed as “the biggest data center advancement in a decade,” offering breakthrough performance to handle compute-hungry tasks including real-time analytics, virtualized infrastructure, and high-performance computing. Since then our customers have been asking, when... read more →