LifeStore Bank- Finding new life with Microsoft Window Server 2012 & Windows Storage Spaces

Aug 25

LifeStore Bank- Finding new life with Microsoft Window Server 2012 & Windows Storage Spaces

Part Three: Happily Ever After

Previously we covered LifeStore Bank’s need to reduce their capital and operating expenses, lower annual software maintenance costs and simplify their management. LifeStore Bank focused on transitioning to Microsoft Hyper-V and Storage Spaces, with DataOn Storage providing the and easy turn-key solution to meet their needs and get them up and running quickly.

LifeStore Bank found the transition from VMware to be an easy and smooth process with Hyper-V and Storage Spaces providing a solid and stable platform for their production environments.

According to Josh Rountree, IT Director LifeStore Bank, “We used Veeam to run our backups and Vision Solutions DoubleTake to migrate the VMs from VMware to Hyper-V.” Within one month after selecting Microsoft Hyper-V and DataON Storage Cluster-in-Box (CIB), LifeStore Bank moved over ten Terabytes of data and twenty virtual machines running a variety of applications such as domain controllers, print server, exchange, file server, internal lab, virus scan, pitch management and general purpose servers.  LifeStore Bank found installing the CIB so easy that most of their concerns were centered around “You have to make sure your data center ready including cabling, power cooling, rack space, then look at your networking strategy, subnets etc…do you have the right domain servers or do you need more, do you have a staging environment, are your production processes and SLAs intact and are your backup systems tested and ready for the transition,”- Josh Rountree, IT Director LifeStore Bank. LifeStore expects to deploy more CIBs in the future for both out data center and co-location facilities.

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