IT Hero Blog: Miss our Q4 Webinar? Ben’s got the TL;DW!

Nov 14

IT Hero Blog: Miss our Q4 Webinar? Ben’s got the TL;DW!

Did you miss our Q4 Webinar on What’s New and What’s Next in Windows Server 2019 with Microsoft and Intel?  Well… fear not, IT Heroes!  Below is a brief & concise summary, along with YouTube timestamps, so you can jump right to whatever piques your interest:

  • Cosmos starts; HCI rapidly growing [3:52]
  • What’s new for HCI in Windows Server 2019 [11:16]
    1. Deduplication and compression [11:59]
      • Session BRK2231 from Microsoft Ignite 2018
      • Live dedup demo starts @ [48:13]
    2. Scale up to 4PB per cluster [18:42]
    3. Nested resiliency aka RAID 5+1 [22:57]
    4. Full support for persistent memory [29:58]
      • Currently *only* available on S2D HCI
      • MSFT Blog about new IOPS record w/PMEM
    5. Built-in performance history [33:25]
    6. Deeper visibility for drive behavior [39:31] – NEW!
  • Intel Optane Technology w/ Alessandro Goncalves [48:48]
    1. What is Intel 3D XPoint technology (Intel Optane technology brand)? [50:00]
    2. Is Intel Optane technology memory or storage? [54:06]
      • Both! Can mix-and-match.
      • Use as cache or memory (in DIMM form factor)
    3. Count IOPS in millions… breaking barriers today with NVMe [58:44]
      • Intel Optane DC NVMe P4800X – is Available Today
    4. Putting it all together [59:45]

Boy, Alessandro and Cosmos sure did a stellar job!  I think the whole webinar can be summarized with this one quote from Cosmos:

“Storage Spaces Direct gets better for
everyone in Windows Server 2019”

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