Aug 01

DataON Going Local

Believe it or not, DataON has been delivering technology for over 30 years. We are based in beautiful, sunny Orange County, California, but we have grown our footprint and have customers all over the world, including Canada, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, and Maldive’s. But Orange County is... read more →
Jul 26
Jun 30

Microsoft Azure Stack HCI Deep Dive

In March of 2019 Microsoft announced Azure Stack HCI; an on-premise implementation of their Azure cloud service. Julia White, corporate vice president of Microsoft Azure, in a blog post put it this way, “We are bringing our existing HCI technology into... read more →
Jun 28

Post Show Recap: Cloud & Datacenter Conference Hanau 2019

This May, the Cloud & Data Center Conference in Germany featured two days of presentations on the latest trends and development in data center, virtualization, security, networking and IT infrastructure technologies. DataON and XCES were platinum sponsors for this event and the Hyper-V Community + Hybrid Cloud... read more →
May 07
May 03
Apr 02
Mar 26

A faster path to hybrid cloud with Azure Stack HCI

When Microsoft introduced Storage Spaces Direct with Windows Server 2016, I was really excited about Microsoft’s entry into hyper-converged infrastructure. No longer were IT administrators tied to purchasing expensive and proprietary SANs. They could now use industry-standard interconnects, x86 servers, and local drives. Microsoft promised simplicity, high... read more →
Mar 06

Post Show Recap NIC 2019

The first week of February, the XCES team took a flight to the Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC) at Oslo Spektrum. NIC has been organized since 2012. It is a conference dedicated to driving technical IT best practice across IT Professionals and IT-Decision Makers who want to learn from the best speakers... read more →
Nov 14