LifeStore Bank – Finding new life with Microsoft Window Server 2012 & Windows Storage Spaces

Aug 22

LifeStore Bank – Finding new life with Microsoft Window Server 2012 & Windows Storage Spaces

Part Two: Vetting the competition

Previously we had introduced LifeStore Bank, a growing financial services company looking to expand their IT infrastructure. LifeStore Bank had grown tired of the expensive and difficult to use VMwareESX hypervisor and EMC VNXe storage manager. Looking to reduce their software cost, complexity and to with an eagerness to deploy quickly, LifeStore Bank turned their eyes to new solutions in Microsoft Windows Server 2012’s Hyper-V and Storage Spaces. To successfully transition to Hyper-V and Storage Spaces, LifeStore Bank needed a solution that would tackle their hardware and software needs while providing performance, cost effectiveness and easy to use turn-key readiness.

We looked at multiple vendors and options during this evaluation including DataOn Storage, EMC, Nutanix, and Simplivity,”- Josh Rountree, IT Director LifeStore Bank.

LifeStore Bank examined four vendors and their solutions, to see how each could meet their goals; to reduce capital, reduce complexity, lower operating expenses and simplify management.

Single Management Console Server & StorageX
Lower Server OS CostsXXX
Lower Hypervisor CostsXX
Lower Storage Management CostsXXX
Lower Cost to Scale StorageXXX
Microsoft Certified for Storage SpacesXX
Azure Cloud DR Support
High Speed Networking (RDMA)XX

DataON Storage’s CIB answered all their needs to reduce the cost of their software requirements, consolidate data center hardware all in an easy to deploy package letting LifeStore Bank to easily transition to Microsoft Hyper-V.

Join us next time to learn how LifeStore Bank successfully transitioned to Microsoft Hyper-V and Storage Spaces.

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